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We proudly present you the Shair-Filter: a revolutionary multi-purpose filter, which eliminates up to 80% of tar. It also removes some of the toxins which are released while burning the charcoal, while at the same time maintaining the pleasure of smoking.

Advantages of Shair-Filter:

– Eliminates up to 80% of tar*
– Suitable for 2-4 hours water pipe usage
– Suitable for 40 cigarettes
– Does not influence the taste or the pleasure while smoking
– Considerably reduces the hazards of smoking tobacco*
– Made in Holland

*Laboratory reports available upon request

This product is not intended to be used by children
Use of the Shair-Filter is exclusively for water pipe and cigarettes
Product can be used one single time
When inhaling with the Shair-Filter use the colored side of the product (red or gold)

Minimum purchase: 5 pieces

Additional information

Dimensions 25.5 × 16.8 × 2.8 cm


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