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We proudly announce that the SHAIR-FILTERS are now available at SOWIESO Restaurant & Lounge.

As one of the most popular lounges of Amsterdam, SOWIESO is constantly innovating their business. With the latest tobacco flavors, the best hookah pipes and the beautiful location, SOWIESO makes it their customers extremely comfortable. You can enjoy their lounge and also their high quality dining.

Nowadays hookah smoking is becoming increasingly popular. SOWIESO is seeing an increase in number of regular customers. Because smoking tobacco is not healthy in any way, SOWIESO makes every effort to make hookah smoking as good as possible. “We do everything we can to be a better lounge, this includes the health of our customers. That is why we are glad to introduce the SHAIR-FILTERS to our customers” according to the spokesman of SOWIESO Restaurant & Lounge.

It has been proven by multiple laboratories that the SHAIR-FILTERS eliminate up to 80% tar, reducing the hazards of smoking. While at the same time maintaining the pleasure of smoking. The SHAIR-FILTERS can be used for smoking a shisha (water pipe/hookah) or cigarette.

Try your SHAIR-FILTERS now at SOWIESO Restaurant & Lounge.

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