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As an international brand, RMC Trading B.V. offers great business opportunities to retailers, wholesalers and distributors who are interested in the Shair-Filters.

If you are interested in the Shair-Filters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • shair tar filter
    40 pieces
    Contains 40 sealed hookah filters. Also very nice as display
  • shair tar filter
    480 pieces
    Contains 12 Special Boxes (of 40 sealed hookah filters) *
  • shair tar filter
    600 pieces
    Contains 600 sealed hoohak filters
  • shair tar filter
    Block Pallet
    21.000 pieces
    Contains 35 Big Boxes
  • shair tar filter
    5 pieces
    A sample box contains 5 sealed pieces. One per client.
  • *  Special Boxes can also be included unfolded, to save space

    Filter Material: Inorganic, non toxic and recyclable | Individual (hygienic) packed filters | Please apply dry conditions for storage

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We will provide details and rates on request

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The Shair Hookah Filters are completely
covered by patents Shair-Filters

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The Shair Cigarette Filters are completely
covered by patents Shair-Filters-C